The USF Cheerleaders are selected at our tryouts held in the spring each year.  The selected members are expected to cheer at all football, volleyball, and men's and women's basketball games throughout the year along with participation in many other opportunities around campus and Tampa Bay. 

It is suggested that squad members take a light load in the Fall because of the number of events and hours that is required to be a USF Cheerleader.  The university spends a lot of money on our spirit program (apparel, travel, etc.) so it it important that squad members understand the time commitment of being a collegiate cheerleader before trying out.  Academics and Cheerleading will be the primary focus of all team members during the fall and spring semesters.

Priority Registration:  

All team members will receive priority registration for classes, this allows our team members to schedule classes around the practice schedules and most team events


The All-girl Team is our Competitive Cheerleading Team and put in many extra hours preparing for College Nationals on top of the requirements for being apart of our spirit program 


All team members are required to attend practice during the week.  The team is also required to attend weekly workouts with the Athletic Department two days a week. 2-a-day practices will begin 1 to 2 weeks before school starts in August.  Practices during the fall term will be Sunday, Tuesday,  Thursday. The only absences excused are for seniors when there is no additional class offered to graduate or a death in the family.


The USF Cheerleaders attend Universal Cheerleaders Association College Camp in Alabama July (typically around July 19 - 22nd) . All expenses are paid for by the University.