The Coed Team is selected at tryouts each spring and consists of 10 males and 8 females. The selected team members are expected to cheer at all football, volleyball, and men's and women's basketball games throughout the year.  They also participate in a number of other opportunities around campus and Tampa Bay. 

Commitment is expected through the entire season, which ends in April.  Coed team members may have games and events during Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.  It is the responsibility of the team members to be at all scheduled sporting events throughout the year. If you have any issues with this, please do not tryout. 


In July the Coed team travels to the University of Alabama for UCA College Cheerleading Camp

The Coed team will send select members to all away football games.  Also if the football team is selected for a bowl game,  a selected group of team members will travel to the game.  All expenses are covered for such trips.

In March the Coed Cheerleaders have an opportunity to travel to the American Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament and possibly the NCAA basketball tournaments.  All expenses are covered for these trips.